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Pillow Inserts


Wholesale Pillow Inserts

Pillow Inserts by Reina Esperanza Company - manufacturer of quality pillow form inserts & Foam Cushion Inserts. NO MINIMUMS on our Pillow Inserts. Buy 1 pillow insert or many pillow forms. Many different shapes and sizes.

  • 100% polyester filling
  • 100% durable nonwoven synthetic polyester covering
  • Non-allergenic wholesale pillow forms & polyfil
  • Each pillow insert is made with only PREMIUM polyfil
  • Made in the USA    
 Wholesale Foam Cushions


Wholesale Foam Cushions

Wholesale Foam Pillow insert forms by We manufacture using Poly Foam. Enjoy our low Wholesale manufacturer prices for top quality foam inserts. With NO MINIMUMS. Buy one Poly foam insert or as many Poly foams as you like.

  • Uses: Pillow Inserts, Toy Suffing, Pet beds, Yoga, or Medical body support products. 
  • Durable Poly Foam
  • Soft yet firm
  • Provides uniform firmness to your projects

Fiberfill Stuffing


Wholesale Fiberfill Stuffing

Wholesale Polyester Fiberfill by is manufactured using 100% PREMIUM Polyester fiber. Enjoy our Wholesale Manufacturer prices for top quality High Loft Fiberfill Stuffing. With NO MINMUMS. buy quantity of one bag or box, or as much high quality Fiberfill as you need.

* 100% Premium Polyester Fiberfill * Non-allergenic * Made in USA * High Loft Fiberfill - Uses less to fill your product then low loft * Weighs less then low loft * Uses: Toy stuffing, Pillow stuffing, Pet beds, etc. * Washable