8″ Heart Pillow Form – with PREMIUM polyester filling


8″ Heart Pillow Form – with PREMIUM polyester filling

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Size: 8″ Inches

Color: White

*Made in USA

Polyester Pillow Inserts

•100% durable non woven polyester pillow inserts covering
•100% Pure PREMIUM polyester filling fiberfill
•Can be used indoors or outdoors
•Slick polyester fiber helps resist lumping / Great Loft / Polyester cover is hand wash only / Odorless / Hypoallergenic / Lent and Dust Free
•Non-allergenic pillow forms
•No Rough edges. Our Pillow Insert Seams are Finished and Smooth.

Where to use

  • Use as an insert in decorative shams
  • Outdoor or indoor shams
  • Couch shams
  • Bedroom shams
  • Crafting projects
  • Anywhere you need a pillow
  • Pillow or cushion re-stuffing

NOTE: WHEN ORDERING A PILLOW INSERT, PLEASE CHOOSE A PILLOW INSERT 2″ BIGGER THAN THE PROJECT SIZE SO THAT YOUR CORNERS ARE WELL FILLED. Example: 16″ x 16″ cushion cover should use a 18″ x 18″ pillow form. Measure your pillow insert across the middle of the pillow form, not along the edge. Use a flexible “Tape Measure”, not a ruler to measure your Pillow Insert.