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Wholesale Pillow Forms – Non-Woven Polyester

Wholesale Pillow insert forms by are manufacture using 100% PREMIUM Polyester fiber filling with a high quality 100% Polyester cover. Enjoy our low Wholesale manufacturer prices for top quality pillow form inserts. With NO MINIMUMS. Buy one pillowform insert or as many pillow forms as you like. No limits!

Pillow Inserts

•100% durable nonwoven polyester pillow forms inserts covering
•100% PREMIUM polyester filling fiberfil
•Non-allergenic pillow forms
•No Rough edges. Our Pillow Insert Seams are Finished and Smooth.

NOTE: WHEN ORDERING A PILLOW INSERT, PLEASE CHOOSE A PILLOW INSERT  2″   BIGGER THAN THE PROJECT SIZE SO THAT YOUR CORNERS ARE WELL FILLED. Measure your pillow insert across the middle of the pillow form, not along the edge. Use a flexable “Tape Measure”, not a ruler to measure your Pillow Insert.